With Credit Card or PayPal (, connectable to PostePay and any Prepaid Card:

After the buyer has confirmed the payment using one of the aforementioned methods, Certrè:

– will not, under any circumstances, become aware of the credit card number, as an encrypted interbank circuit is used.

– will confirm the order.

– will ship the ordered material within 1 working day.

– will issue an invoice (if requested in the order form) or a fiscal receipt in the name provided.

– will communicate the shipment notification along with the tracking code.

For any clarification, please contact

With Bank Transfer or Postal Money Transfer:

The bank transfer must be made within 5 days from the time of the order to:

Certrè S.n.c. di Serafin Angelo e Raffaele
via Cal Longa 27 31036 Sala d’Istrana (TV) Italia.
UNICREDIT SPA – Agenzia di Paese (TV)
IBAN: IT79D0200861900000103159123
ABI: 02008
CAB: 61900

Certrè commits to reserving the selected material for 5 days from the time of the order. Beyond the fifth day, the availability of the material is no longer guaranteed.
WARNING: To proceed with the shipment of the order, please send a copy of the payment receipt to

Once such email is received, Certrè:

– will confirm the order.

– will ship the ordered material within 1 working day.

– will issue an invoice (if requested in the order form) or a fiscal receipt in the name provided.

– will communicate the shipment notification along with the tracking code.

For any clarification, please contact

Pick-up at the headquarters with cash payment or upon prior payment made on the website via credit card or PayPal:

After the buyer’s order confirmation, with the ‘Pick-up at headquarters’ option selected, Certrè:

– will confirm the order

– will confirm the availability of the material ready.

– will issue the invoice if requested in the order form or if payment is made in cash. If payment is made on the website, the fiscal receipt will be issued in the name provided.

– will communicate to the customer the date when the product will be available for pick-up.

For any clarification, please contact


The shipping costs are calculated based on the overall weight of the package to be shipped. To quantify them, please proceed with the advancement of the order until the phase preceding the final payment, i.e., when the order is still editable.

For further information, please email to request a quote for the order including shipping costs.


The product will be delivered to the address provided at the time of order confirmation.

The delivery times stated on the website may be subject to variations and changes.
Shipments are made via delivery service. Delivery times in Italy: 24-48 hours on the mainland, 48-72 hours on the islands. International delivery may vary according the country of destination.

We remind you that it is possible to include multiple products in the same order.

At the time of delivery, the Customer is required to:

– sign the CMR;

– check that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document;

– check that the packaging is intact and not altered, including the closing tapes.

In case of tampering and/or breakages, the Customer must immediately contest the shipment and/or delivery with a “SPECIFIC CONTROL RESERVATION” on the copy of the delivery document to be returned signed to the courier. (e.g., BROKEN PACKAGE, DAMAGED PALLET, WET PACKAGE, etc.)

The Customer is required to report any damages within 7 (seven) days from receiving the goods via email.

For each delivery order, the Customer is required to specify at least one telephone contact to allow the courier to contact them in case of delivery difficulties; if the delivery is unsuccessful due to reasons not attributable to Certrè S.n.c. di Serafin Angelo and Raffaele or to the shipping service for 2 consecutive attempts, storage or redelivery charges as quantified by the courier will be charged, or the product can be picked up at the courier’s distribution point.


of Certrè S.n.c. of Serafin Angelo and Raffaele, via Cal Longa 27, Sala d’Istrana 31036 (TV), Italia.

The material is shipped directly from Certrè (Italy).

The quantities of available products are updated in real-time with our warehouses.

A shipping fee is charged based on weight.


The right of withdrawal can be exercised within, and not beyond, 10 days from the date of delivery.

If the merchandise has been damaged during transportation:

If the product is available in stock, it will be immediately reshipped to the buyer at no additional cost.

If, however, it is not available in stock, Certrè will be fully available to arrange a full refund or provide information on the possible new production of the product (also agreeing on the necessary time for redelivery).

If you wish to return the merchandise:

The buyer will need to:

– notify the intention to return within, and not beyond, 14 days from the date of receipt of the merchandise

– ensure suitable packaging (any damages due to inadequate packaging will be charged to the buyer)

– contact Certrè to arrange the shipping method.

Certrè commits to:

– contest any visibly damaged merchandise to the carrier during transportation.

– record the complaint on the delivery note and have it countersigned by the carrier, promptly informing the buyer.

– arrange, through prompt bank transfer, to refund the amount received for the return and/or replace it as previously agreed upon.

WARNING: In case of non-delivery of the return or its damage, Certrè is not entitled to provide a refund!

For any further clarification, please contact


The following data represents a faithful digitalization of the original warranty, available to those who request it.

Bologna 17/04/91 Certificate n. 687
Via Martelli. 26 – 40138 Bologna
Tel. +39 (051) 53 40 15 – Tlx. 510891 CENCER I
Fax. (051) 53 00 85
Via 28 settembre. 94 – 41049 Sassuolo, Italy
Tel. (0536) 80 21 54
Certrè snc of Serafin Angelo e Raffaele
Via Cal Longa 27
31036 Sala di Istrana (TV) (ITALY)
Tel. +39-0422832565 – Fax +39-0422.738670
VAT N. 02064080266

Request Date: 28/03/91 Material Sampling Date: 28/03/91


RESULTS of tests conducted on labeled samples:

“BONSAI POTS ART. 30/B with soil 02”


The test was conducted by subjecting the pots to a quantity of 20 alternating cycles from -15°C (F 59°) to +15°C (F 5°).
N° of pots tested: 5
Imbibition method used: boiling in distilled water.
Water content before freeze-thaw test (X): 7.6; 8.2, 7.2; 7.5; 7.2
Number of damaged pots after 20 cycles: 0

ATTENTION: no liability is attributed to the CERAMIC CENTER
as for the origin (production facility)
of the materials subjected to testing.

(Prof. Carlo Palmonari)